[daar.muh] sanskrit

One's personal duty/purpose. An authentic expression of union between one's actions and higher values. 

I realized about a year ago that none of my accomplishments meant anything to me. I knew that I wasn't living authentically. During my Yoga Teacher Training at the Sivananda Yoga Camp in Val Morin, CA I learned about the concept of Dharma through the epic poem the Bhagavad Gita. That's where it started to click that I spent my entire adult life piggybacking off of other people's dharma. I was in the cycle of wanting to be/do so many things and then feeling so terrible about myself for "failing" and the only way to feel better was to add a new passion into my life to focus on. In reality, I wasn't actually failing because I wasn't even really trying since those the things that I was striving for weren't mine. Trying to live someone else's dharma is more dangerous then destroying your own according to the Bhagavad Gita. The struggle of accepting our dharma has been plaguing us since existence and that is why I've started this blog and podcast. This is for those of us who want to live our truth. 

-Aisha Zaman